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Dev Aviary Launched 🦩!

Me, 2 months in: We launched the MVP fast enough, surely we can do public launch in 6 months.

Me, 3 delays, 15 redesigns & 2 years later:

TLDR: I finally launched my cybersec edtech startup with my co-founder.

Guide: Self-hosting Commento with Dokku


I shot myself in the foot by procrastinating writing this post years ago and having to figure it out all over again yesterday. Never again.

DevAviary’s Blog Launched!

While I’ve been working on devAviary (our new subscription-based cybersecurity virtual labs), my partner has been working tirelessly day and night to build devAviary’s blog with Hakyll. Yes, in Haskell.

I’m aiming to publish either a tutorial in cybersec or a wargame walkthrough at least once a month over there, while keeping the devOps articles here.

How to Fix Ligatures Not Showing Up


Users of your monospace typeface are politely complaining about ligatures not showing up in (but iTerm2 works fine).

My eCPPT exam review & tips

I recently finished the Penetration Testing Professional (PTPv5) course from eLearnSecurity and sat the certification exam from 18 May to 28 May, and here’s my review and tips for the exam itself!

My experience selling fonts on Myfonts (with pictures)

A brief timeline from when I first started creating Ramen Sans to when my font went live on, because the information on the process of getting your typeface accepted by a font distributor was way too scarce when I needed it myself. Hopefully it’ll be of some use to fellow type designers.

All “nature method” language learning books like Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata

Two book lists and the Ilya Frank method.

Guide: Set up your own cheap VPN with Vultr and Streisand

Because did you see that new UK surveillance law?

Fetchnotes died so I made Mox

I also started to make Ihana.

My 2017 Productivity Stack

Or some stuff that I use on a daily basis.

Some Games I Thought I'd Love

Games that I’m still fond of but don’t love as much as I expected to.

Some Games I've Played This Year

Eight games that maybe you would like.

Decentralizing The Internet: Self Hosted Apps

Wow another very vague, much generic title.

I finally bought a VPS (virtual private server) from DigitalOcean. Here’s what I’ve done to on my reliable cute little server so far.

Decentralizing The Internet: Replacing Google Services

That sounds like such a grand mission. But the truth is I was just not really comfortable with my Google addiction and the fact that Google has control over all my data. So here’s some privacy-aware alternatives to Google services that I’m addicted to and that I’ve replaced in order to feel better about myself.


###Gmail alternative: Protonmail Protonmail is a free, encryted email service based in Switzerland. I’ve only been using it for a week now but I can honestly...

How to type Lithuanian special characters on a mac

Step one: open the keyboard preferences and add the Lithuanian keyboard.
Step two: find the characters you need where your numbers are!










Lithuanian Past & Perfect Tense And Reflective Verbs

I just finished studying lesson 27-37 of Lithuanian Basics so I decided to write down my own notes. If you happen to know this glorious language, please correct me if you see anything wrong.

General Rules For Past Simple

For “o” words (verbs ending in “o” for the third person single), change the “o” into “ė”. And then conjugate accordingly for other pronouns.

jis sako (he’s saying) -> jis sakė (he was saying) ->
aš sakiau (I was saying)
tu sakei (you were saying)<...

Netflix And Chill With Lithuanian

I fell in love with Lithuanian.

Ever since @ikll’s fateful tweet about the I kinda like language website revamp, I’ve been studying Lithuanian non-stop. Up until now, I’ve finished Introduction to Lithuanian I & II & III and lesson 1-26 of Lithuanian Basics.

What the heck is Lithuanian?

It’s the language of Lithuania and a Baltic language, with about 3 million speakers around the globe. Its only relative is Latvian.

Learn iOs Dev: Day 3 App 6 & 7

Maybe you’re wondering where app 5 has gone. Worry not, I’ve not forgotten it. I’ve decided not to post apps that are purely for practice or don’t have cute graphics. Ah the vanity.

Making today’s apps was truly exciting for me. I didn’t think I’d get to make a calculator and a RPG game (despite its simplicity) on day three. Well here they are!



Fully functional simple calculator with sound effects. Her name is Cal...

Learn iOs Dev: Day 2 App 3 & 4

Obviously, I can’t enough of building iOs apps. Once you get a taste of it, you WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO QUIT XCODE. So here’s my app number three and four: Tap Tap Tap & Multiples! As you can see, they are dead simple app. Which doesn’t prevent me from feeling all giddy whenever I see “Build succeeded!”. These are, in my opinion, the most beautiful words on earth.


tap tap tap pic 1

In this app, you can decide how many times you...

Learn iOs Dev: Day 1 App 1 & 2

I’ve decided to log my progress in learning iOs development. Hopefully one day when I’ll have published my first app, I can look back and really appreciate the efforts I’m putting in right now (patting myself on the back much?).

While yesterday I was browsing Quora for god knows what, I stumbled upon a thread with epic lists of iOs development resources. And one guy who answered that question has recommended his own course. That’...