Or some stuff that I use on a daily basis.


####My favorite distraction blocker app: Focus I think I’ve tried all the major macOs options out there, including Cold Turkey, Focus, SelfControl, and Freedom. My ideal distraction blocker: (1) has the ability to schedule weekly and daily blocks (2) has the ability to block apps (3) doesn’t force quit your browser while you’re working just because it fails to detect your properly installed extension in the browser.

SelfControl and Freedom has neither of the first two features. Cold Turkey failed my third criterion so terribly and drove me into such rage that I sent a five-hundred-word rant to one of my good friends (sorry) and immediately asked for a refund.

####My favorite habit tracker: Coach.me Again, I’ve tried the most popular options on iOs and Coach.me is the one that has the prettiest streak UI. Do you want to see my streak in reading one chapter in Russian? It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve laid my eyes on.

####My favorite web development stack: NodeJs + AngularJs + MongoDB + PostCSS + CoffeeScript My edgiest fellow web developers would probably disapprove of me for preferring AngularJs to React, older variant of SASS with PostCSS to the newer, and CoffeeScript to TypeScript or ES6.

Trust me, I’ve made several attempts to learn React but every time I saw HTML in JS code I felt sick in the stomach. And it’s probably very obvious by my choice of old SASS and CoffeeScript that I would do anything to escape semicolons, isn’t it? Oh well.

####My favorite fonts Sans serif: Fira Sans without a doubt. HK Grotesk is a close one though.

Serif: Libre Baskerville and Essays1743 for display and Vollkorn for body text.

Cyrillic: please recommend me some nice serif fonts that support Cyrillic because I’m desperate. Fira Sans is nice but nothing can replace the flow of reading in Russian in a serif font. I’m currently using Charter and there must be something better.

Monospaced: Fira Code!

####My favorite menu bar app: Next Meeting This is a hard one. I love Bartender (clean up the clutter that is your menu bar), Alfred (spotlight replacement), MacID (use your iPhone’s TouchID to unlock your Mac), f.lux (limit blue light after sunset) and BeardedSpice (control youtube videos with media keys) all very much.

As a person with forever changing schedule though, Next Meeting is a must-have. My ballet class tomorrow morning is moved to Saturday? No problem, the Next Meeting app now shows “afternoon buffet with family in 20 hours” in my menu bar. I no longer have to check my Google Calendar every few hours like your grandpa watches the stock market in fear that I forget when my next student or class is scheduled.

####And lastly – my favorite perfume: L’Arlésienne by L’Occitane Yes, perfumes are an important part of my productivity flow! To be honest though, there aren’t many competitors. It always has been hard to find one that I truly enjoy.

For those who have never smelled it before, after the initial fruity notes, L’Arlésienne is a perfect mixture of rose, violet, and buttery sandalwood that warms my heart, suits my age, and reminds me of early spring night. Perhaps it is a bit more girly than I would’ve preferred but I’ve fallen in love with it completely since day two.