Obviously, I can’t enough of building iOs apps. Once you get a taste of it, you WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO QUIT XCODE. So here’s my app number three and four: Tap Tap Tap & Multiples! As you can see, they are dead simple app. Which doesn’t prevent me from feeling all giddy whenever I see “Build succeeded!”. These are, in my opinion, the most beautiful words on earth.


tap tap tap pic 1

In this app, you can decide how many times you’re gonna lovingly tap on the screen and start tapping away.

tap tap tap pic 2

After you’ve tapped until you’re happy, you are redirected to the start screen. The second app is a math app. You can type a number and see math magic happen.

multiples pic 1

Every time you tap the “add” button, you’d add your number to the previous number.

multiples pic 2

That’s it for today!

Things absorbed:

  1. How to manipulate the UITextfield
  2. More hiding stuff and unhiding stuff