Games that I’m still fond of but don’t love as much as I expected to.


####Life Is Strange

Developed by Dontnod Entertainment

Life Is Strange is perhaps the star of “games I thought I’d love”. I see it recommended everywhere. Every time I search for games similar to Undertale, Oxenfree or Until Dawn, Life Is Strange is among the most frequent recommendations. Even I myself am somewhat disappointed that I failed to love it as much.

Now to make it clear, I love the time rewinding mechanics. I love that it is a point and click adventure and that your choices do matter in the story. However, I would rather learn a long article with default line height by heart than suffer through another of Chloe or the main character’s angsty tantrums. Seriously, you would think they are 12.



Developed by Campo Santo

I first saw a playthrough of this game on Felix’s channel. Every time I see a long video from him, I would make sure to watch it, partly because the game is probably story-driven and exactly my cup of tea. And if it is, I will only continue watching after I buy it and finish it myself. In this case, though, I never did feel the desire to play it and had to agree with Felix that the ending is an anticlimax. I feel that Firewatch offers a slightly interesting plot twist in the end and nothing more.


####Fran Bow

Developed by Killmonday Games (nice name)

Since I haven’t even finished playing the demo, I am not entirely sure if Fran Bow belongs in here. This is another game recommended by Oxenfree fans and I promptly downloaded the demo also out of appreciation for the art style. Almost an hour in and I haven’t seen the appeal yet.


####Knock Knock

Developed by Ice Pick

Knock Knock, with its Russian origin, beautiful art style, and intriguing background story, seemed like a solid “my type of game”. The Russian game studio Ice Pick claimed to have received a set of 19 weird files from a stranger who insisted that they “complete the project” with all those files or else “everything would be futile”. Whether it is an outlandish but true incident or solely a marketing trick, I was convinced I would love it.

Thinking of the game still brings a smile to my face but the truth is that the lack of a sense of progress has led me to stop half way through. Perhaps I will do myself a favour to have more patience and actually finish it.



Developed by Alientrap

Again, it’s the art style that first piqued my interest. Simply put, every paused frame of Apotheon is an Ancient Egyptian mural with a modern touch. The characters, the interface, even the typography, which I care very much about… every aspect of its design has exceeded my aesthetic standards.

Unfortunately, combat seems to be an integral part of the game. I have nothing against combat, only most of the time it is nothing but tedious for me (looking at you, Stardew Valley). To be honest, I can recall only Undertale, Skyrim, and South Park: The Stick Of Truth whose combat system is not my least favourite part of the game.



Developed by Playhead

I feel ashamed just by typing that. I will say but one word: spiders.


####Relevant conclusion

Now I feel bad complaining about these wonderful games. Please think of it like good-naturedly whining about your favourite siblings I guess <3