A brief timeline from when I first started creating Ramen Sans to when my font went live on myfonts.com, because the information on the process of getting your typeface accepted by a font distributor was way too scarce when I needed it myself. Hopefully it’ll be of some use to fellow type designers.



2018 May - completed the rough draft of Ramen Sans in the regular weight, and showcased it on gitlab


2018 July - completed 5 weights and their respective italics and 3 posters and 1 flag that are required by myfonts, and then sent my first foundry submission email. Below is their reply notifying me that the wait might be up to 45 days!

font first email

2018 October - I waited 15 days… 30 days… and then 45 days passed. 60 days. Unfortunately, the reply I was getting increasingly anxious for was nowhere to be found! So I decided to send another email, trying to figure out if my email just got lost somewhere in Hawaii or something like that. Received the exact same response as the above email!

2018 December 11th - nearly screamed when I saw the fateful email appear in my inbox! Although it was maybe… just a little… late, but turns out they are just launching a new submission process which involved google forms!

font third email

2018 December 19th - with copious amount of help from a close friend, I redid 5 posters, filled out the form, and re-sent the email with images & font files attached

2019 January 9th - ok I might or might not have been unhealthly refreshing my inbox ever since the last email. Finally, my contract arrived.

font fifth email

2019 January 10th - it’s live! My baby font is live and infecting available to the entire world!!