That sounds like such a grand mission. But the truth is I was just not really comfortable with my Google addiction and the fact that Google has control over all my data. So here’s some privacy-aware alternatives to Google services that I’m addicted to and that I’ve replaced in order to feel better about myself.


###Gmail alternative: Protonmail Protonmail is a free, encryted email service based in Switzerland. I’ve only been using it for a week now but I can honestly say that I love it and I’ll probably upgrade to a paid account to support Protonmail.

Things I especially enjoy about it:

  1. Available as a website and as an iPhone app
  2. All emails are encryed end-to-end
  3. Protected by Swiss privacy laws
  4. Beautiful interface (most of the non propriety services are really ugly and non intuitive, honestly)
  5. It’s open source


###Google Drive alternative: Cozy Cozy is your own personal private cloud based in France. For me, what sets it apart from all other cloud services is two of Cozy’s missions, Ungoogle Your Digital Life and Run Your Own Cloud At Home. I resonate deepy with this quote of theirs.

These days, It’s hard to escape the feeling that Google knows more about you than your closest friends and family.

Also you can install Cozy on your own server (or a shared hosting provider that doesen’t ban cloud storage), which means you have total control over your data. It’s not possible for me at the moment, because it violates the policy of my web host (Dreamhost).

I just got my own Cozy a few days ago and am constantly moving my data to it. The functionality is still not complete as it’s still in beta, but for now I’m loving it.


However, these are the only two I’ve managed to replace. I have yet to find solid replacements for Microsoft’s Onenote and Google Agenda app, which are both essential for maintaining an order in my life. Well, I guess it’s not easy to completely quit propriety software and probably not necessary.