Maybe you’re wondering where app 5 has gone. Worry not, I’ve not forgotten it. I’ve decided not to post apps that are purely for practice or don’t have cute graphics. Ah the vanity.

Making today’s apps was truly exciting for me. I didn’t think I’d get to make a calculator and a RPG game (despite its simplicity) on day three. Well here they are!



Fully functional simple calculator with sound effects. Her name is Calculette. I love her.


And this is my first ever iOs rpg game. I googled my favorite MapleStory monster just for this app. You attack the monster (randomly generated) by tapping the attack button and you receive random treasure when it dies. Very simple.

Note to self: add my iOs projects to github as well. I use it for all my apps in other languages, but for iOs the console is rarely used hence my laziness.

Things absorbed:

  1. How to play sound effect
  2. More autolayout
  3. Using custom swift class