I’ve decided to log my progress in learning iOs development. Hopefully one day when I’ll have published my first app, I can look back and really appreciate the efforts I’m putting in right now (patting myself on the back much?).

While yesterday I was browsing Quora for god knows what, I stumbled upon a thread with epic lists of iOs development resources. And one guy who answered that question has recommended his own course. That’s how I discovered and bought “iOs 9 and Swift 2: From Beginner to Paid Professional”.

Then I went totally crazy about it and wasn’t aware of the time before I finished lesson 27. So here’s what I made today.


such a cool app pic

After you inevitably touch the button (I know I would), you’d see

such a cool app pic 2

There you are, my first ever app!

And the second one is about learning the “hidden” property of the images.

cat vs dog pic 1

After you click the “I love cats!” button, you get rewarded with a cute cat picture. The pictures are from freepik.com by the way.

cat vs dog pic 2

This is for people who can’t decide between cats and dogs. And lastly for dog people:

cat vs dog pic 3

Things absorbed:

  1. How to use UIButtons, IBActions and IBOutlets.
  2. How to produce cute logos in 30 seconds.
  3. How to hide stuff