While I’ve been working on devAviary (our new subscription-based cybersecurity virtual labs), my partner has been working tirelessly day and night to build devAviary’s blog with Hakyll. Yes, in Haskell.

I’m aiming to publish either a tutorial in cybersec or a wargame walkthrough at least once a month over there, while keeping the devOps articles here.


Goals for the new blog

The writing standards in the tech community leave a lot to desire. I once counted 21 wrong uses of “it’s” in one day of just reading documentation. Most of the time, readability is even worse in our cybersec community with leet speak galore. I can’t claim to be a good writer but I’d like to contribute by producing clear, readable articles in cybersecurity.

Another issue I had while starting out was the lack of guidance for the commonly suggested resources for beginners. You want to start learning cybersecurity? 11 out of 10 reddit comments suggest that you try out OverTheWire’s wargames. How do you solve the levels and learn from them? “Figure it out yourself!”

We don’t teach maths in school this way. So I want to create the missing instruction for people teaching themselves cybersecurity through these famous CTFs and who might be struggling like I once did.

What’s Next

The blog will also be open-sourced very soon on my partner’s github. (I’ll update it with the link)

We’re celebrating the launch with a spoiler-free guide for OTW Narnia!